Macro or not :)

Today I read about macro adapters and how could I “convert” my lens into “macro lens”. Indeed it’s a good and cheap quality lens: 50mm with a macro adapter. And I found a great tip and I tried it before I did any investment :P (sometimes I like to buy things if I can afford them, even though I rarely use them afterward :)) but I don’t like things that are usefully in activities that bore me). So with my 18-55mm and and the reversed 50 mm hold with my hand in front of it, the widest aperture and a curious eye I shoot some pictures. The depth of field is shallow and that says I can shoot small insects, dust particles, letters, small parts of flowers, plants, objects; I don’t have to bother about the background bcoz it will be blurred and soft.The composition will be really easy to make up. The light will be really important b/coz the zoom lens at 55mm will stay at 5.6 as the widest aperture. (That means I need more than 100Watts illuminated room to keep the ISO less than 200 and keep good quality; depending on your camera 400 ISO can be lot of noise or less noise. Or you get a tripod and you can shoot at slow shutterspeed, but insects tend to move or fly so you can capture them with luck or not).

Right now I don’t enjoy shooting macro.


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