"A vow unto his own"

Kill Letal Ego

How can I bury things you’ve done?
But I cannot bury myself in your illness!
Where should I start to dig the grave?
I need a coffin for thing’s you’ve done…
At end can you give me a brain wave,
what to write on the plate from cross?

Would you [would you] try at once,
Understand yesterday is past!
Just let it fade…
Why do you talk about past
at present tense, time’s wasted!

You’re a victim and you’re lost in ireal,
High tension and hatred in your areal.
Why can’t you get away from your ego,
let out the being under skin, let it go…
you let it feed from heart, now bleed
your own soul cut your skin in need.

Don’t admit your fault but you’re tearing,
don’t hold the breath, don’t wait to happen!
Tied to the railways and train’s comming
Don’t hold the breath, don’t wait to happen
Who will save you from dying?
Don’t hold the breath, don’t wait to happen!

You feel the ground sliding
and the air runs to waste,
do you live time fearing
your time runs to waste?
Your nerve is alarming
and going to waste.


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