Through the trees a little girl arises like a dying swan in a thunder storm, creeping up on me quietly approaches. And she gets within my minds. Oh, as to her eyes, they strangled my veins. She gets her hands at back and dances in a net, quietly swearing at gods, then she starts screaming with the black swan twirling in the pond.

A glow worm comes into sight and her gory gown comes to light! While she hides her face in hands she unfolds slit marks on her wrists. From the fire of her eyes, rain through her fingers, hidden tears of cold blood having out wildfire anger!

Flashing hits the swan’s pond, evil fills its heart and the she’s after storm! The fear spreads in the swan and a wildfire rages the forest. It sluggishly approaches her and smashes the girl until she drowns in the pond.

Written by me on the 20th of February, 2005.

The Black Swan
The Black Swan

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