In the first image is too much backlight, no frontlight. In the second image the frontlight erased details on the front tulip. Readjusting the light source position, setting it in the left… now we have too much light on the back tulip that’s out of focus and on the edge so it drags away the eye from the photo.

Again I reposition the light source to get more light on the front tulip but I also get a shadow coming from the petals cuz the light source is coming from the left of that tulip…I can’t move the flower cuz I like the composition.

In the sixth shot though I like there’s light on the background to separate it from the flowers (my subject here) I think that blue it’s too intense…and I need the red of the flowers to be more important. So I repeat the shot and I finally get what I want, the front tulip illuminated, the second a bit less and no shadows.

This is an example of using window light as the backlight and a lantern as the second light. The flash unit is made of LEDs so its temperature is almost the same with a flashlight. Using a lantern, meaning using a continuous light, I can see what is going to look like without shooting. The thing is use whatever you have, enjoy your time, do what you like and be efficient.


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